What’s behind the curtains at this AMC Theater in Madison?

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Maiya Collier went to the Jurassic Park movie premiere on Thursday, and found a lot more than she expected. She was at the AMC Classic Madison 10 on Myatt Drive.

Here’s the post she made on social media, with some of the video and photos below:

I’M SO DISAPPOINTED AND DISGUSTED with AMC theater in Madison. It used to be a nice,clean and updated theater but this is what we discovered before the premiere of Jurassic Park 6/21/18 . What ARE THEY THINKING!!!!!
Mice,Roaches, BUGS IN GENERAL LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! So this is how it was discovered ….
My friend and I decided to dance because no one was in the theater . She brushed the curtain accidentally and that is when I discovered the popcorn pile under the curtains. I was Shocked, Disturbed and very frustrated! This is not sanitary at all. You should know that you’re going Into a clean and well maintained business! 

What is your favorite theater hiding behind the curtains?

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