Woman arrested for attempting to run over her girlfriend with her car

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According to Metro Police, Shakayla Jones, 25, attempted to run over her girlfriend with her vehicle on Thursday. She was arrested on multiple charges.

At 10:30 AM on Thursday, Shakayla Janay Jones was involved in a verbal argument with her girlfriend near the road on Cedarmont Circle. The argument was reportedly over content on her girlfriend’s (victim) phone.

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Police say that Shakayla took the victim’s phone and said “I should run your ass over” and drove off, with the phone in her possession. Shakayla then turned her vehicle around while the victim was in the roadway, and sped towards her. Her girlfriend barely avoided being struck by moving quickly out of the way.

Shakayla then threw her girlfriend’s phone out of the window, shattering the screen as it landed in the roadway. Just prior to the incident, Shakayla was at the victim’s residence, who currently has a full order of protection against the defendant.

Shakayla Jones was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, order of protection violation, vandalism, and a failure to be booked charge for a driving on a revoked license citation. She remains in jail this morning with a $17,500 bond.

We’ve previously covered Jones as part of our #BoosterClub series.

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