Car left running outside store results in arrest, illegal handgun & drugs

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“Sorry, my bad, I left it running”, is what 27-year-old Kyle Denzel Wilson told Metro Police as he exited the Marathon gas station on John A Merritt Blvd, where he had left his purple Dodge Challenger running outside late Wednesday night. An officer was conducting a routine patrol due to recent thefts of vehicles left running, and was casually talking to Wilson, reminding him to not leave his vehicle running in the future.

During the conversation, the officer asked Wilson for his identification, to which Wilson replied he had left it at home. Later during the conversation, Officer William Reaves asked Wilson if he had any weapons on his person, to which Wilson disclosed “Yes, I have a 9 mm handgun on my right side”. He told the officer he had a carry permit, but it, too, was left at home. The weapon was removed from Wilson, and his information was ran through ARMS, the MNPD internal database.

Information returned showing that Wilson did not have a valid carry permit in the state of TN, and furthermore, Wilson was out on bond for an aggravated domestic assault.

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Kyle Denzel Wilson (MNPD)

Upon closer approach of the purple Dodge Challenger, the officer observed a bag of marijuana in plain view on the front seat. A search of the vehicle revealed a total of 52.6 grams of marijuana, digital scales, and 31 Oxycodone pills.

Kyle Wilson, 27, who was already out on bail on two different grand jury indictments covering an aggravated robbery, and an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, posted a new $17,000 bond via Bail U Out, on new charges of possession w/intent SCH II, possession w/intent SCH VI, weapon possession, and a paraphernalia charge.

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