Juvenile Task force seized 14 guns in first 11 days of 2019, the latest via a knock-and-talk

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Metro’s Juvenile Crime Task Force officers have taken 14 guns off the streets of Nashville in the first 11 days of the new year.

The two most recent cases happened late Thursday. One of which, police conducted a knock-and-talk at the Airways Drive address of a 17-year-old, for which they have received a tip of him having a handgun at the residence. Police knocked on the door to talk to him, once the teen opened the door, officers report a smell of marijuana coming from inside the home, giving them cause for a search.

Inside the home, offices recovered a stolen 9 mm handgun, two realistic looking Airsoft guns, including a AK47 replica, a small amount of marijuana, and a mask. The 17-year-old was charged in juvenile court with simple marijuana possession and unlawful handgun possession.

In another case on Thursday, the task force observed another 17-year-old toss a handgun over a fence near Clifton Avenue, as officers approached a group of young people. They recovered the 9 mm pistol, and took the teen into custody, charging him in juvenile court with trespassing, handgun possession, and theft, as the gun was stolen from a vehicle on Monday.

Since the task force started in February of 2017, they have taken 201 guns off the street.

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