Man nods out while driving, crashes into parked car in stranger’s driveway: heroin, meth

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Rodney Haynes, 41, woke up this morning at the Hill Detention Center, after he woke up last night in a stranger’s driveway. Haynes was arrested after he nodded out and crashed into a parked car in a stranger’s driveway, still not awake when police arrived. They would eventually find heroin and meth in the vehicle.

Police responded to the 200 block of Madison Boulevard late Tuesday night, in response to man who had wrecked into a parked car of a driveway. Upon police arrival, they found Rodney Haynes still asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle. Eventually he became semi-responsive and told the officers that he was at his friend “Terry’s” house – but he was not. The resident had no knowledge of Haynes.

Rodney Haynes Jr (MNPD)

Haynes was transported to skyline, where he refused all medical assistance, and also refused part of the SFST’s, claiming he “couldn’t perform it this late”. He was placed under arrest for DUI, and also refused any blood testing. As the officers still on the scene were conducting an inventory so his vehicle could be towed, they located 1.2 grams of heroin and .7 grams of meth remaining in an empty cigarette pack.

Haynes is held in lieu of a $15,000 bond, and charged with DUI and multiple drug offenses.

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