Davis: “I sell marijuana, cocaine, and was going to attempt to sell the heroin”

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Metro Police say confirmed gang member Phillip Davis, 34, admitted to them he sells marijuana, cocaine, and was going to attempt to sell heroin, after they executed a search warrant on his Madison apartment Tuesday.

The search warrant was a part of a Madison CSU investigation, according to the warrant, and was executed on East Webster Street, while Davis was at home. Once they entered the apartment, Davids was read his rights, and volunteered the locations of the drugs they were looking for.

Phillip Davis (MNPD)

Davis advised the narcotics were on a coffee table in the living room, and a pistol was in the bedroom. Detectives seized 1 gram of powder cocaine, 7.9 grams of marijuana, and 3.3 grams of heroin, along with several items considered paraphernalia, including two soda can ‘hides’. The Smith & Wesson .45 caliber firearm in the bedroom was confirmed as reported stolen.

Phillip Davis told detectives he currently sells marijuana and cocaine, and was going to attempt to sell the heroin. Davis is a convicted felon and gang member, according to Metro Police. Davis held on a $149,500 bond, on charges of Theft ($1,500), possession of cocaine w/intent ($45,000), simple possession ($1,500), possession w/intent SCH I ($45,000), paraphernalia ($1,500), possession of weapon during felony ($20,000), and felon in possession of a weapon ($35,000).

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