ATV driver charged for hit-and-run on Dickerson Pike: Lemarcus Walker

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Lemarcus Walker, 32, is the latest ATV driver charged from last weekend’s takeover of Nashville’s streets. Walker is charged with reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident with an injury.

Police say Walker was one among over one-hundred dirt bikes and ATV’s approaching the intersection going northbound at Dickerson Pike and Maplewood on march 17th, driving around other vehicles, and disobeying all traffic laws. Walker was driving a white ATV, and was popping a ‘wheelie’ when he lost control of his ATV and struck a grey BMW. The impact threw Walker off his ATV, injuring his arm. While he was lying on the ground, a black Ford F-150 pulled up, and several bikers loaded the ATV in the rear of the truck, scooped up Walker, and they all fled the scene before police arrived.

Lemarcus Walker (MNPD)

The victim that witness this was the same victim that was robbed at gunpoint by the members of the affiliated group, #615BikeLife, near the same time. Police were able to track Walker via AirOne (helicopter), and Walker and the driver both denied involvement in the hit-and-run and the robbery, however the victim positively identified Walker as the person who struck his BMW and fled during a photo lineup.

Walker is charged with reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident with injury. He was released on pre-trial release, and is scheduled to appear in court in April. Walker lists Toone, TN, as his home address. MNPD has not yet released his mugshot to the media.

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