DCSO Officers had to rescue ‘Trainko’ from assault & headlock by another inmate while in jail

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Local rapper Dyquan ‘Trainko’ Collins was being booked in the Hill Detention Center on March 6th, after he posted a sex-tape of him and his girlfriend on Instagram, then got into an argument about it. While he was in the intake area of the jail, he was assaulted by another inmate, Ladarius Hunter, who placed him in a headlock, which he had to be rescued from by officers.

Cpl. Collier says he was at one of the stations in booking when he first witnessed Hunter attack Collins, after a brief verbal altercation, and he attempted to break up the fight.  He sprayed chemical spray (Freeze+ P) to both inmates faces for 3-5 seconds, and went to retrieve leg irons to place on the inmates.

Dyquan Anthony Collins (MNPD)

During the fight, Inmate Ladarius Hunter placed inmate Dyquan ‘Trainko’ Collins[IG] in a headlock and would not let go. Officer Jines rescued ‘Trainko’ Collins by removing him from the headlock Hunter had him in. As this happened, Sgt. Popovitch, Cpl. Collier, and Cpl. Baynham placed both inmate Collins and inmate Hunter on the ground in the felony prone position and restrained the inmates. Collins was the secured in the seclusion cell, following his restraints being checked by medical staff. Hunter was also placed in a seclusion cell, and both inmates were medically decontaminated from the chemical spray.

Dyquan ‘Trainko’ Collins eventually posted bail, and is scheduled to appear in court later this week. Below are the incident reports from all 6 DCSO staff that witnessed or responded to the incident:

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