35+ year Metro Police veteran asks what black arrestee would look like with bullet hole in forehead

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Former MNPD Detective Clinton Vogel, who was with the department for 35+ years, and still fills his social media profiles with photos to appear as if he’s an active-duty MNPD Officer, recently commented on the arrest of Alante Roper (aka Trap Rich Looney), who has a cross tattoo on his forehead. In response to the photo, the former MNPD Officer said “Wonder what a ROUND hole would look like in the middle of his forehead instead of that cross?”, referring to a bullet hole.

Even though Vogel is no longer with the department, he was a prominent figure for over 35 years, which speaks to the long-standing racial issues within the department. We reached out to Vogel for comment, and he immediately disabled his social media profiles.

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Metro Nashville Police has not control of what a person says that is no longer with the department, but it certainly speaks to the culture that made up the officers of the department for decades.

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