Sometimes, you both go to jail #DomesticViolence

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Vanessa Isaacs was downtown drinking on Thursday night, and when she returned home to her wife, Tiffany Isaacs, the two got into a brawl that even the police couldn’t determine a primary aggressor, so they both went to jail.

Vanessa says when she returned home late Thursday night, Tiffany engaged her in a verbal argument, and she pushed Tiffany away from her during the argument. In return, Tiffany punched her in the face with a closed fist, causing a black eye and swollen lip, and her other eye to become discolored. She says Tiffany then pushed her onto the bed and got on top of her, and began to choke her with her hands. Vanessa reports she had a hard time breathing, and was losing consciousness, so she swung back in an attempt to get Tiffany off of her. When she hit Tiffany, it caused her left eyebrow to swell. Police confirmed marking on Tiffany’s neck and throat consistent with being choked.

Tiffany Isaacs (MNPD)

Tiffany says she pushed Vanessa back after the initial contact, and admits to punching her in the face. Police say she also admits to choking Vanessa, but says it was to keep from being punched back by her. Tiffany says Vanessa reached up and began to pull on her shirt and choke her back, however she never had any issues breathing during the attempt. Police report her shirt ‘appeared to be torn, but it also had several holes that were a part of the design of the shirt’.

Vanessa Isaacs (MNPD)

Both Tiffany Isaacs and Vanessa Isaacs were booked into the Metro Jail just before 1 a.m. Friday. Tiffany was charged with aggravated assault/strangulation, and Vanessa was charged with domestic violence. Both served the required 12-hour domestic violence hold before being released on bonds from two different companies. Tiffany’s bond as $5,000, and Vanessa’s was $2,000.

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