Metro Council Candidate: “Being ‘Gay’ is nothing to be proud of”

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Lydia A Hubbell, a candidate for Metro Council in Nashville says “Being ‘Gay’ is nothing to be proud of, but she’s “not opposed to them having their little festival”, and admits “now I have to look up ‘Stonewall Riot'”.

In any other election season, a candidate with very little community support would not have garnered the attention of the community, but the council seat vacancy created by Jason Potts in Metro’s District 30 doesn’t have a clear front-runner, and with four contenders a run-off is very possible in 2019. Candidate Lydia A Hubbell is running for that D30 seat, and is one of two candidates in the overall council race this year that is currently released from jail on bond with cases bound over to the Grand Jury. Her criminal history isn’t the current issue that has the South Nashville district talking on social media. In response to current Mayor David Briley’s Gay pride month proclamation Saturday, Hubbell took to social to make a proclamation of her own, stating “Being “Gay” is nothing to be proud of, in my opinion. But, I am not opposed to them having their little festival. “

Lydia A Hubbell (Facebook)

Hubbell later responds to clarify her response, stating:

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“I just don’t get being proud of your sexuality, whatever it is. And I don’t know what “Gay rights” are, but there seems to be a pretty powerful movement to promote them. It frustrates me that so few people champion parental rights and we have children all over America being cut off from their biological children. I am too g to be in Michigan while it is “PRIDE” wen here. I still have not read the 50th anniversary story [re: Stonewall].”

-Lydia A Hubbell (Facebook) [sic] for entire quote

In another recent post, Hubbell notes: “People shoot off comments and have no idea if how ignorant they are. That includes myself, but I am more aware of my own ignorance and I am slower to speak than I was 5 years ago. Some people may find that hard to believe. True story.” Hubbell’s stance on gays isn’t anything new – In February of last year, she commented on how she preferred Pureflix (the unofficial Christian version of Netflix), citing how she was “overwhelmed by all the lesbian crap” in Orange Is The New Black.

The post, so far, has garnered only negative responses from the community.

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Election day is August 1st, 2019.

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