Man with a gun on his hip, and one in his pocket, charged with DUI after drinking half-bottle of vodka

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30-year-old Richard Garton had a Glock 19 holstered on his hip and a Glock 26 in his front pocket, each with one round in the chamber, as he admitted to drinking a half-bottle of vodka when police found him crashed on Harding Pike near West End. He told police: “F-ck this, I’m drunk”.

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to a single-vehicle accident at 4001 Harding Pike at 5:43 a.m. Monday. The vehicle, and it’s single occupant, driver Richard Garton, crossed over all lanes of traffic and into oncoming traffic, before running into a retaining wall. Police report Garton smelled of alcohol upon contact, and was “wobbly on his feet”, and slurring his speech.

Richard A. Garton (MNPD)
Richard A. Garton (MNPD)

Officers located a Glock 19 handgun holstered on his hip and a Glock 26 in his pocket. Both guns were loaded with one round in each chamber. He provided a driver’s license to officers, however, it was ‘expired’ when checked in the state database. Richard Garton told officers he had drunk a “half-bottle of vodka a couple of hours ago”, according to a police report. When explaining field sobriety test instructions, Garton reportedly said “Fuck this, I’m drunk!”, and then when asked if he was refusing the tests, he replied, “Yes, I’m drunk”.

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Richard Garton, 30, blew a .133 on a breath test at booking and was charged with two counts of carrying a handgun while under the influence, driving without a license, and DUI – driving under the influence. He was booked into custody at 07:50 a.m., and freed on pre-trial release at 09:39 a.m., with a November court date.

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