ARREST: Man dug fingernails into back of victim’s jaw – still visible two days later, police say

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19-yea-old Kozie McPherson-Ellison was arrested for domestic assault after leaving fingernail marks on the back of a female victim’s jaw that were still visible two days after the incident.

On January 8th, Selena McDonald, the victim, states that she and Kozie McPherson-Ellison, the defendant, began arguing at the Mapco at 1500 Lebanon Pike and they both “started swinging on each other.” Kozie was the only one made physical contact with fists, according to Selena. She went on to say that Kozie pushed his fingernails into the back of her jaw.

Kozie McPherson-Ellison (MNPD)
Kozie McPherson-Ellison (MNPD)

Selena made the report on January 10th, two days after the incident, and the fingernail marks were clearly visible, according to Metro Police. Kozie stated that he and Selena did have an altercation but that he only grabbed her to prevent her from hitting him. Selena said she did not wish to prosecute but due to the presence of visible injuries on her and the absence of injuries on Kozie, the officers chose to prosecute on her behalf.

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Kozie McPherson-Ellison was charged with domestic assault and is free on a $1,000 bond.

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