Man receives multiple charges after parking illegally outside State Supreme Court

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25-year-old Brandon Morton was charged with resisting arrest, vandalism, and contraband in a penal system after law enforcement attempted to have him relocate his vehicle after parking illegally outside the State Supreme Court.

On February 26th, Trooper Michael Sprawling witnessed a red minivan parked illegally outside the State Supreme Court while monitoring the cameras from inside. Trooper Sprawling proceeded to address the subject, later identified as Brandon Morton, about the violation when Brandon became irate and refused to adhere to any requests. Brandon told the trooper he had a delivery to make, he needed a place to park, and began walking toward Martin Luther King Boulevard. Brandon was asked to stop numerous times and refused to comply. Trooper Sprawling began to contact dispatch to have the vehicle towed and Brandon became belligerent and grabbed his hand to stop him from calling dispatch.

Brandon Morton (MNPD)
Brandon Morton (MNPD)

Trooper Sprawling attempted to place Brandon under arrest and was assisted by Lieutenant Morgan who had arrived on the scene. While Brandon was being handcuffed, he continued to resist arrest and had to be forced into the back of the patrol car. While he was being transported, Brandon caused damage by kicking the door and windows to the cage inside the patrol vehicle. Brandon had also moved his hands to the front from behind his back by the time he arrived at the Hill Detention Center. While being searched in the booking area, DCSO staff found a 9mm bullet along with a grinder that contained marijuana residue on Brandon’s person.

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Brandon Morton was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, vandalism, and contraband in a penal system. His bond was set at $7,500.

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