Man admits to drinking 2 bottles of Hennessy while driving; blows .199 BAC

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28-year-old Adam Abdo was charged with driving under the influence of an after he crashed his vehicle in a front lawn on Mossdale Drive and told police he was “confused” with the directions given by his GPS.

On May 25th, Officer Pope was dispatched to a car crash near the intersection of Mossdale Dr. and Rural Hill Rd. On arrival, Pope came across a wrecked vehicle in the front lawn of 2738 Mossdale Drive. Per the affidavit, the car was noted for having “obvious disabling damages.” The driver of the vehicle, found standing next to the damaged car, was identified as Adam Abdo. When questioned as to what had happened, Abdo claimed that he was driving from a hookah bar.

Adam Abdo (MNPD)
Adam Abdo (MNPD)

Upon departure from the bar, Abdo became confused as to what directions were being given to him via his GPS. Officers noted that, even through a face mask, Abdo’s breath smelled of alcohol. Found throughout the floorboard of the vehicle were multiple bottles of beer. A trail of destruction could be traced to the accident, as multiple mailboxes and street signs had sustained damage along the car’s trajectory. During Pope’s questioning of Abdo, the driver needed to lean on the car in order to remain standing.

After noticing his eyes to be bloodshot, Pope administered field sobriety tests for Abdo. Officers observed that Abdo failed the heel to toe numerous times, stepped off the line on multiple occasions for the walk and turn, and was unable to stand on one leg on the one-leg-stand. Following the failed sobriety tests, Abdo was taken into custody for a DUI. He later confessed to officers that, whilst driving, two bottles of Hennessy were consumed. After agreeing to submit a breath sample, Abdo yielded a sample of .199. The legal limit in Tennessee is .08.

Adam Abdo was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. He was later freed on pre-trial release.

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