Nashville woman claims she drank one glass of wine & a shot before hitting utility pole

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26-year-old Camille Boismain was charged with a first offense DUI when she crashed into a telephone pole and told the officer that she had one glass of wine and a shot but blew almost double the legal limit.

On May 13th, around midnight police arrived at 1417 Riverside Drive to find a vehicle that struck a telephone pole with the defendant, Camille Boismain, as the sole person in the vehicle. Police said that she had an obvious smell of alcohol coming from her as well as watery eyes, and unsteady on her feet. She stated when asked if she had consumed anything alcoholic, she had one glass of wine and a shot.

Camille Boismain (MNPD)
Camille Boismain (MNPD)

During the field sobriety test that police administered, they described her as showing several signs of impairment. Boismain agreed to a breath test and when she arrived into booking she blew a 0.159 BAC. The defendant was not issued a citation due to the reasonable likelihood that the offense would continue due to her intoxicated state.

Camille Boismain was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

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