Blind man bitten, scratched, and punched by girlfriend during argument

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40-year-old Natasha Cooper was charged with two counts of domestic assault against her boyfriend, who is blind, when she got into an argument with him about his previous marriage and proceeded to bite, scratch, push, and punch him in separate incidents before and after police arrive.

On June 22nd, officers arrived at 121 Dellway Villa Road and spoke to James Crutcher, a blind man, who is the victim of domestic violence. He said that he and his girlfriend, the defendant, Natasha Cooper, were arguing about the circumstance surrounding him and his previous marriage.

Natasha Cooper (MNPD)
Natasha Cooper (MNPD)

She was drinking liquor and pushed him, he stated, then he grabbed her hands to try and get her to stop. When he did this she scratched the top of his head leaving a noticeable mark on his head that was reported by the police. Crutcher went downstairs and called the police following the scratching.

Cooper left the residence before the police arrived but returned after the police left. She returned to obtain her things and he said that she was throwing her things around. At this time, he said that she punched him with a closed fist so he grabbed her hands again. She then bit the back of his arm leaving another noticeable injury. She has two prior domestic violence charges.

On July 17th, Natasha Cooper was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault (3rd or more). Her bond was set at $7,000.

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  1. No Agenda

    What a nice girl. She will find a good man when she gets out of prison.

  2. SaintQuinn

    The “Blind Man” thought she be “Whaite”….

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