Man steals woman’s keys, chases her down the street during clothing exchange

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41-year-old Cedric Gaines was charged with theft of property and domestic assault after stealing a woman’s keys and chasing her down the street because he believed the clothes being returned to him had been doused in lighter fluid.

On June 27th, officers received a call regarding a domestic disturbance at 16 Lincoln St. Upon arrival, law enforcement met with Lynn Varela, who informed officers that the woman arrived at the location to return clothing belonging to Cedric Gaines. Varela advised that once returning the clothing, Gaines took the woman’s car keys from her belt loop and refused to return them.

Cedric Gaines (MNPD)
Cedric Gaines (MNPD)

Gaines reportedly has no ownership of the woman’s vehicle and has been denied entry before. Varela and an eyewitness account reported that Gaines proceeded to chase down the woman throughout the street. His actions left Varela in fear for her safety, per report.

Gaines claimed that no chase occurred between the two parties, but that lighter fluid had been poured onto the clothing that Varela was returning. The woman’s keys were located in Gaines’ hand following the account.

Cedric Gaines was arrested and charged with domestic assault and theft of property. His bond was set at $2,000. The charges were later dismissed.

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