Teen robs Carniceria Dominguez market at gunpoint then commits patricide

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19-year-old Anthony Rivera-Perez was charged with criminal homicide and aggravated robbery when he robbed Carniceria Dominguez at gunpoint then shot his father in the neck after a dispute about money the next day, per report.

On June 23rd, Police were called to Carniceria Dominguez at 2569 Murfreesboro Pike for an armed robbery by Ana Paiz who was working the front counter at the store. She said that a young Hispanic man in a white and grey hoodie, dark pants, and a medical mask, wearing glasses approached and asked where the candy was. When Paiz asked what kind of candy that the defendant, Anthony Rivera-Perez, was looking for he said “this candy” and revealed a black handgun that was in his waistband.

Anthony Rivera-Perez (MNPD)
Anthony Rivera-Perez (MNPD)

He demanded all the money from the register when a customer noticed that he was robbing the store and mentioned it to another employee, Mr. Reyes. When Mr. Reyes approached Rivera-Perez cautiously, Rivera-Perez pulled the handgun out of his waistband and pointed it at Mr. Reyes. The defendant then collected a bag from Paiz that contained roughly $800 in cash and fled the store in a grey or silver SUV. Video surveillance caught the whole incident and still frame pictures of the suspect were shown to the mother of Rivera-Perez, Jessy Madrid, who positively identified him.

On June 24th, police arrived at the household of Henry Rivera and Jessy Madrid, who are the defendant’s parents, in reference to a shots fired call. When the police interviewed Jessy Madrid she said that she and her husband approached Anthony about some money that he had stolen from them. They told him they wanted him to pay it back when he told them that he had a gun. His father, Henry, acted like he was going to call the police and Anthony pulled the handgun out and shot him in the neck. He was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital where he died from his injuries.

On June 27th, Anthony Rivera-Perez was arrested and charged with criminal homicide and aggravated robbery. He is currently in jail and his bond was set at $75,000 for the latter charge.

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