Intoxicated man found slumped behind wheel at intersection with child in car

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26-year-old Fernando Juarez was charged with DUI with a child in the vehicle when he was found slumped over in his van at an intersection with open Bud Light cans visible in the vehicle.

On August 9th, witnesses saw a 2007 Chevy Express Van at the intersection of Colfax Drive and Allen Road at 1:10 a.m. with Fernando Juarez slumped in the driver seat. Also inside the vehicle was the 9-year-old son of his girlfriend, Rachel Furnas.

Fernando Juarez (MNPD)
Fernando Juarez (MNPD)

The boy was still in the passenger seat when police arrived and attempted to interview Juarez. Officers reported that Juarez spoke very little English and they had to use Google Translate to get a statement from him. There were two opened Bud Light cans in the cup-holders and his eyes were watery and bloodshot. During a standard field sobriety test, he showed several signs of impairment and smelled strongly of alcohol. Reportedly, Juarez also urgently needed to urinate while in transit to booking.

Fernando Juarez was arrested and charged with DUI with a Child. He was later freed on pre-trial release.

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DUI w/a Child

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