Man charged after prints lifted from broken TV in burglarized office

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44-year-old Xavier Donnell was charged with burglary after video footage showed he and an unnamed accomplice smash a window to an office building and steal two guitars and two laptops.

On August 28th, video surveillance showed two men robbing the building at 4005 Indiana Avenue. They were spotted smashing a window to enter the building, then stealing two guitars and two laptops. The men attempted to steal a television from the wall but ended up breaking it. Cameras then show them abandon the flat-screen and leave the property with what they already had in hand.

Xavier Donnell (MNPD)
Xavier Donnell (MNPD)

On September 9th, The Metro Nashville Police Department’s crime lab matched prints from the broken television to Xavier Donnell. Whit Smith, the man who uses the building as an office, stated he does not know Donnell and that he has not been in the building before. He also informed police that he installed the television himself and no one else had access to it in the office.

On October 22nd, Xavier Donnell was arrested and charged with burglary. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond.

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