Panhandler with history of prostitution demands money and extorts bag from man

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31-year-old Kaefono Smalls was charged with aggressive panhandling and robbery after he pretended to have a gun to intimidate a man and demanded money from him.

On September 26th, Metro Nashville Police Officer Childress responded to a call about a robbery at The Pinnacle, located at 150 3rd Avenue South. When he arrived, he spoke with Matthew Milam who told the officer that Kaefono approached him outside the building and demanded that he give him money. Matthew told Kaefono that he did not have any cash on him and attempted to walk away, but Kaefono stepped in front of him and blocked his path.

Kaefono Smalls (MNPD)

Kaefono then reached his hand around his back, as if to reach for a weapon, and asked Matthew what inside of his backpack. Matthew, who felt his life was in danger, handed the bag to him. Kaefono has been previously arrested and charged with robbery in 2016.

Smalls has previously been been covered by Scoop: Nashville because he agreed to give an officer “manual stimulation.”

Kaefono Smalls was arrested and charged with aggressive panhandling and robbery. His is currently jailed in lieu of a $15,500 bond.

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