Man uses ID at Cash America Pawn to sell stolen items from Home Depot

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22-year-old John Charles was charged with two counts of theft after he was caught on video taking items from Home Depot and witnessed by Loss Prevention pawning the stolen items at Cash America.

On January 10th, John Charles was filmed entering a Home Depot with an unidentified male empty-handed. The video surveillance revealed them select multiple Dewalt battery packs and a reciprocating saw. Loss Prevention Officer Keith Litteral was made aware of the situation and followed the males out of the store and observed them carrying Dewalt tools in new packaging.

John Charles (MNPD)
John Charles (MNPD)

Litteral followed them to Cash America Pawn Shop and witnessed them pawn the items they stole from Home Depot. The men sold the items for less than retail price, but Cash America still wished to prosecute for the $100 dollar loss. Amber Griffey was the clerk who conducted the transaction and saw John’s identification. Officers were unable to arrive before John and the unidentified male rode a Metro city bus away from the location.

On October 4th, John Charles was arrested and charged with two counts of theft. His bond was set at $4,000.

On October 13th, he was found guilty on one of the charges and the other was dismissed.

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