Clarksville realtor punches husband, knocks him over, kicks him more while he’s down, per police

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48-year-old Clarksville Realtor Valerie Coffee was charged with domestic assault after police say she snatched her estranged husband’s phone, punched him in the face, kicked him to the ground & continued the assault while he was down, while accusing him of cheating.

On October 7th, Clarksville Police Officer Gilliard took a statement from the estranged spouse of Valerie Coffee, who stated that she had assaulted him. Valerie Coffee is the mother-in-law of Leadership Clarksville member and VIP Clarksville Managing Editor Bethany Sigler.

According to the affidavit, Valerie took William Coffee’s phone out of his hand and accused him of infidelity. He followed her into a spare bedroom asking for the phone back. Valerie threatened to break the device if her husband did not tell her about the woman he had been seeing.

Valerie Coffee (MCSO)
Valerie Coffee (MCSO)

William then asked her to leave and she responded by punching him in the face. He then grabbed her by the shoulders to prevent further assault and she kicked him in the knee causing him to fall down. Once her husband was on the floor, Valerie Coffee proceeded to kick him multiple times. Officers observed injuries consistent with William’s account and noted the couple has no other domestic history. Social media posts were located showing videos of younger men visiting Valerie at her Strawberry Alley home in the early hours of the mornings, around the time bars closed on multiple occasions.

Valerie Coffee was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on a $250 cash bond with conditions on her release, as shown below.

Joe Padula & Valerie Coffee (Source: Social Media)
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