68-year-old punches son-in-law in testicles during an argument over NES bill

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68-year-old Alice Lianos was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with the domestic assault of both her daughter and son-in-law for two separate incidents. Most recently, video captured her punching her son-in-law in the testicles when he turned the heat back on after she turned it off due to a high electric bill.

Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic assault call on February 24th on Milliken Bend Rd. The first victim stated he is the son-in-law of Alice Lianos, and he was in an argument with her about the high NES electric bill while he had a heater on. He reported that Alice came in and turned the heater off, he turned it back on, and she then pushed him, hit him, pinched his legs, then punched him in the testicles, and pulled him by his hair, all in an attempt to get him to move out of the way so she could turn the heater back off. This incident was captured on video by the victim.

Alice Llanos (MNPD)
Alice Llanos (MNPD)

While police were at the residence, the victim’s wife, and daughter of Alice Lianos, told police she also had a video of her mother assaulting her six weeks prior, in January. Police viewed a video of the incident, which shows the 68-year-old grabbing the daughter by the arm in an attempt to retrieve a laptop computer after telling her to stop using it and to turn it off. The victim refused to turn the laptop off, stating it needed to “download some updates”. The daughter says she was assaulted when her mother grabbed her by the arm without her permission.

Temperatures the week of the incident

Now charged with two counts of domestic assault, police transported the elderly woman downtown to booking and processed her into the jail. After the state-mandated 12-hour hold, Alice Lianos posed a $1,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court in July.

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5 Thoughts to “68-year-old punches son-in-law in testicles during an argument over NES bill”

  1. Nick Lianos

    Yes just wanted to let you know her p.o.s. daughter and p.o.s son in law are on drugs and are physically and mentally abusing her she finally stood up for herself and her junkie daughter filmed only part of the incident. The two pieces of garbage live off her in her house while she takes care of their 2 children. P.s. it was 70 degrees outside and they turned the heat up to 90. I am her son and want to clear this story up. Of course p.o.s. metros finest arrest the victim. This is an ongoing problem and we are trying to remove her daughter and woman beating son in law out of her house but again the law fails the victim and is forcing us to go through an eviction process.

  2. Nicholaos Lianos

    Let me clear this up. Alice is the victim but as usual the justice system gets it wrong. Alices’s daughter and son in law are drug addicts that cant take care of their own children. They and their 2 children live off of Alice. Niether of them are working at the moment and Alice’s only income is ss check. Alice is not a violent person, she has been putting up with physical and mental abuse from the two so called “victims” for awhile now. When she finally stood up for herself her garbage daughter filmed only the parts were Alice was physical but did not film themselves being physical. Alice is the victim. Alice has only put up with this behavior because of the grandchildren. She knows if she doesnt take care of them their junkie parents won’t. I am Alice’s son and know exactly what is going on. We are in the process of kicking the daughter and son in law out but again the law protects trash. Dont let the so called “victims” fool you. Her daughter will paint a pretty picture of herself and husband. Also the electric bill was almost $500 and the weather was in the 70s when the spun out junkie son in law turned the heater to 90 degrees. Also Alice is the one that has to pay the electric bill. This is not a one time incident they have been using and abusing Alice for awhile now.

  3. Tommy

    Miss Lianos is A very nice person she’s been raising their two kids and they contribute nothing if they don’t like it there they should get out and find their own place


  5. Carol McCrary

    You are a good son Nick, thank you for taking up for your mother and telling the truth. I have known and loved her for about 45 years. She is a kind loving and giving person, and does not deserve this, especially from one of her children. Sounds like elder abuse and should be looked into.

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