Protestor returns to the Tennessee Capitol 10 months later to drunkenly smash out a car window #arrested

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21-year-old Alejandro Moncayo, one of the 16 protestors that chained themselves together at the State Capitol last August returned to the scene overnight, 10 months later, while reportedly drunk and high, and smashed a car window with a crutch.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Officers say Alejandro Moncayo admitted to drinking a friend’s house in Nashville during the early hours of Tuesday morning, then driving downtown to the State Capitol, where he found a discarded crutch and smashed out the rear passenger side window of a Nissan Altima. Upon his arrest, 3.6 grams of marijuana was found on him. He says it was “medical marijuana”.

Alejandro Moncayo (MNPD)
Alejandro Moncayo (MNPD)

Moncayo, who was a Junior at Vanderbilt, was one of 16 protestors that chained themselves together in August of 2020, after occupying the “People’s Plaza” for multiple months in protest of policing tactics, and racial injustices in the criminal justice system.

Alejandro Moncayo was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail, charged with public intoxication, simple drug possession, vandalism, and criminal trespassing. He is free on pre-trial release.

Moncayo, AlejandroGS946058601 ELAINE DR
Nashville, TN 37211
PretrialPublic Intox.
Moncayo, AlejandroGS946057601 ELAINE DR
Nashville, TN 37211
PretrialPoss.or Casual Exch.
Moncayo, AlejandroGS946056601 ELAINE DR
Nashville, TN 37211
PretrialVandalism $1,000 or less
Moncayo, AlejandroGS946061601 ELAINE DR
Nashville, TN 37211
PretrialCrim. Tresp..

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