Clerk’s office ‘expunged’ recordings of MNPD Officer who allegedly recanted testimony on the stand

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In late June, a well-known attorney was in court for a hearing after MNPD charged him with assault of an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. People present during that hearing report the officer recanted his sworn affidavit on the stand. Scoop Nashville immediately requested those court recordings, which are traditionally provided within 1-2 days. Nine days later, the office replied they had expunged those public records.

The cases from which the recordings come are not expunged and are still readily available from the clerk’s website for public viewing.

UPDATE: Howard Gentry reached out to correct the original email. He says the email stating the recordings were ‘expunged’ was incorrect, and that the records never existed at all, and therefore could not be produced.

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