Woman assaults father of unborn child after finding an unfamiliar sandal in his bag

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23-year-old Hibo Omar, who is nine months pregnant, is charged with domestic assault after police say she showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s house unexpectedly Monday night after not seeing him for a few weeks and became upset when she found an unfamiliar sandal in his bag and began to knock over things about the home and assault him, ripping his shirt off, and fought him when he attempted to leave the situation.

The victim says the sandal belonged to one of his friends, and he and Hibo have been broken up for weeks, was surprised when she randomly showed up at his home. He says she “became irate”, and often “becomes violent and unreasonable to talk to”. He advised she has been arrested previously for domestic violence against him when she hit him with a glass bottle across his head and bit him in December of 2020.

Hibo Omar (MNPD)
Hibo Omar (MNPD) (mugshot taken in medical)

Officers observed the home to have many things knocked over from her outburst, and the victim’s clothing had been ripped off him when she attempted to prevent him from leaving the situation. Hibo Omar is nine months pregnant with the victim’s child. Due to the stage of her pregnancy, NFD arrived on the scene, however, she refused all treatment at the scene. She was then placed into custody and transported to booking and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. She is free on a $2,500 bond.

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