Nashville man wore ballistic body armor while burglarizing vehicles “for his own protection”

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One citizen called police, while another held Kevon Sherrill at gunpoint after finding him rummaging through vehicles at a Hermitage apartment complex. Sherrill faces burglary and theft charges, and an additional felony charge for wearing body armor during the commission of a felony. He says he wore it “for his own protection”.

Hermitage police arrived at The Colonnade at 4100 Central Pike on August 4th to find a citizen who was holding Kevon Sherrill at gunpoint on the stairs. The citizen had observed Sherrill rummaging through cars in the parking lot, setting off at least one car alarm. Missing from one of the cars was coin currency and a gift card, which were identified as being in Sherrill’s possession when searched by police.

Kevon Sherrill (MNPD)
Kevon Sherrill (MNPD)

Police noted that Sherrill was wearing “ballistic body armor”, and when asked he stated it was “for his own protection”. One handgun was found in his hoodie during a search, and another was found in the last car he broke into as he was confronted. Sherrill told police he “accidentally pulled on a car door handle in the parking lot”, causing the alarm to go off.

Kevon Sherrill was booked into the Metro Nashville jail, with an incorrect date of birth as 06/10/1990, despite prior booking and available records indicating the correct date of birth as 06/10/1999. He was charged with burglary of a motor vehicle, theft of property, possession of a firearm during a felony, and wearing body armor during a felony. He remains jailed in lieu of a $21,000 bond.

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  1. Charlie horse

    Does this make sense to anyone? He just left a pistol in the victims car????? Was he trying to ditch it or something???

  2. DDDDDuane

    KEEvon Din Du No NUFFINS!!!!

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