She bleached his clothes & sent his sex tape to his family; He chased her down & assaulted her —Aerial Anderson & Raymond Quick

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An Antioch couple was jailed overnight after 21-year-old Aerial Anderson says she found a video of 31-year-old Raymond Quick having intimate relations with another woman. She reportedly poured bleach all over his very expensive designer clothing and messaged the sex tape to his friends, family, and children. He reportedly chased her through the apartment complex and strangled her.

Officers arrived at the shared Cane Ridge Parkway apartment just before 10 p.m. Monday, where Raymond Quick explained his girlfriend, Aerial, believed he was cheating when she found an old video of him and his ex-wife having sex saved on his computer. She sent the video to all of his contacts which includes friends, family, associates, and even his children. She then poured a bleach-based liquid cleaner onto multiple items of clothing, including two pairs of jeans, valued at $400 each. She admitted to sending the sex tape to everyone, and to the vandalism, which included many clothes in his closet.

Anderson told police that after the vandalism he began to chase her out of the apartment and outside where he grabbed her by the neck and strangled her. Officers documented red marks on and around her neck and chin. Quick says he chased her but never caught up with her, and denies touching her

Aerial Jackia Anderson and Raymond Quick were booked into the Metro Nashville Jail. Anderson was charged with felony vandalism and unlawful exposure. Quick was charged with aggravated assault/strangulation. Quick’s bond was set at $5,000, and Anderson’s bond was set at $7,000, which she has now posted.

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