Terry Eicher jailed for violating an order of protection; watching victim from empty apartment

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32-year-old Terry Eicher has an active order of protection from a woman who called the police on September 29th, 2022. Kaylyn Aznavorian said that she came home to her apartment at Lincoya Bay Dr. that evening and saw Terry in the apartment above hers, looking through the window at her. He does not live there, and there is a video in the order of protection where Terry said that he squats in the apartment above her to harass or intimidate her. Police knocked on the above apartment, 810, after confirming the protection order with the Sheriff’s Department, and there was no contact. Kaylyn told police that she was sure it was Terry in the window and went downtown to swear a warrant out for the order of protection violation. He was arrested for the protection order violation on September 20th.

Terry Eicher (MNPD)
Terry Eicher (MNPD)

Terry Andrew Eicher was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on September 20th, charged with an order of protection violation. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $1,000.

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2 Thoughts to “Terry Eicher jailed for violating an order of protection; watching victim from empty apartment”

  1. DDDDDuane

    I looked up Kaylyn Aznavorian and I could assure you no one is going to STALK HER….

    1. BitchCrazyyyyyyy

      Bitch is CRAZYYYYY and jealous he never wanted her. He has started a family with someone. Some hoes just don’t know how to let go & clearly Scoop Nashville doesn’t get the truth behind stories before posting. Typical media!

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