Deon Brown flees from police after burglarizing vehicles

18-year-old Deon Brown was witnessed burglarizing vehicles at Rivrhouse Apartments, and then he ran from police. Officers arrived at Riverhouse Apartments early Wednesday morning and after they spoke to Mr. Schnarrs on a call. Mr. Scnarrs said that he saw an african american male burgle vehicles at the complex and was currently inside a white Chevy Suburban. When the police arrived, they saw Deon in the Suburban, who matched Mr. Scharrs’s description. When they attempted to make contact with Deon, he ran from them down Middleton St. towards Nance Ave with two objects in his hands. Deon ditched the items at Academy Pl. and Hermitage Ave., and police pursued him until they caught him at Lindsley Ave.

Mr. Brooks, who owned the Suburban, said he was missing two machetes and a tobacco grinder from his vehicle, which totaled approximately $60. He also said that he did not know how Deon gained access to his vehicle due to no signs of forced entry. Mr. Schnarrs participated in a show-up where he positively identified Deon as the subject. Deon told police he took the machetes and ditched them, but his tobacco grinder was his. The grinder was found and given back to Mr. Brooks. Ring camera footage showed Deon getting into the Suburban while the alarm went off and taking items, but it was hard to identify the items due to the camera being so far away.