DUI: Braenee Redden-Lee caught with marijuana, mushrooms and a fully loaded handgun

25-year-old Braenee Redden-Lee swerved over the center median on I-24 late April 13th. Then, she drifted, trying to return to her travel lane, but drove in both lanes. Officers observed this and initiated a traffic stop, where she was slow to respond and continued driving, disregarding their emergency equipment. Officers shined their spotlight at the driver’s side mirror to get her to pull over to the right shoulder, which she did after approximately 1.5 miles. They approached the passenger side and observed the driver, Redden-Lee, and passenger, Brea Williams, with an unidentified female in the car, reeking of alcohol.

When officers advised Redden-Lee why they stopped her and requested her driver’s credentials, she had a bracelet on her wrist like ones used at nightclubs to purchase alcoholic beverages. They discovered she had a suspended license and had her exit the vehicle for questioning.  When officers asked if she would take sobriety tests, she said, “No.”

During a search, officers located a black handgun with a loaded magazine. Redden-Lee was detained and placed in the rear of the patrol vehicle. The officers then asked Williams to exit the car, where she provided them with her identification and told them the vehicle was hers, stating, “Yes, I just bought it, and I am making $1000 payments a month.”  She was also detained and placed in the patrol car.

Officers searched the vehicle and found marijuana and mushrooms in a brown purse, which Redden-Lee claimed. Additionally, they found another package of marijuana in the center console, which Williams admitted was hers. Redden-Lee refused to provide a chemical sample after being informed of implied consent and was taken into custody for driving under the influence, two counts of simple possession, driving with a suspended license, implied consent violation, and possession of a weapon while under the influence.