Wil Cordova-Garmendia breaks into ex-girlfriend’s home to fight her new boyfriend

34-year-old Wil Cordova-Garmendia sent text messages to his ex-girlfriend, Irma Martinez, stating he was going to have her new boyfriend, Daniel Salgado, killed. On April 23rd, he entered her home from the garage door without any warning or notice, while she was home with her new boyfriend. As the couple hid in a closet, Wil yelled and screamed for Salgado to exit the closet so they could fight.

Ryan Goree charged after ripping off shirt, punching & wrestling another grown man in downtown Nashville

Officers working the downtown Entertainment District Initiative (EDI) found 29-year-old Ryan Robert Goree, from Nevada, in a fight near Broadway & 3rd Ave just before 2 a.m. where he and another individual had ripped off their shirts and began punching each other with closed fists and wrestling in the middle of the street. Goree was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.