DUI: Popular cake maker found unconscious & slumped over behind wheel of car in traffic — Laquita Cole

Metro Nashville Police found 37-year-old Laquita Cole unconscious and slumped over the wheel of her running vehicle just before midnight Monday near the intersection of Elm Hill Pike and Donelson Pike. Responding officers could not awaken her, however, Nashville Fire eventually got her to a semi-alert state with a sternum rub. Police say she didn’t know where she was geographically, but stated she wasn’t tired and had no medical issues. Indicators of both alcohol and marijuana use were present in the vehicle, however, officers seemed to suspect another substance was also on board.

She continued to nod off during the arrest process, and had to be roused back to an alert state. She was transported to General Hospital for a blood draw, then to booking, where she was charged with DUI and freed on pre-trial release. Cole is well-known in the city for her designer cakes and food plates, with over 12,000 followers just on Instagram, where she posts the daily dishes for ordering. Hours prior to her arrest, she had posted “My life is like a movie, I make my own stunts”.