Group home resident caught with 90g of weed & firearm after butcher knife attack

21-year-old Justin Webb was charged with aggravated assault, possession of marijuana, and possession of a firearm with intent after he threatened his caretakers and another resident with a butcher knife.

Man detained at taser point: 3 people say he assaulted them with a doorstop and screwdriver

26-year-old Alex Cordova was charged with domestic assault and two counts of aggravated assault when he attacked three people during an argument with a metal doorstop and a screwdriver.

Bellevue man charged with DUI after wreck tells cops he “just popped a benzo and went for a drive”

32-year-old Brandon Little was charged with driving and possession of a handgun while under the influence when he wrecked into a ditch after consuming 5 Xanax bars. He told officers he “just popped a benzo and went for a drive”.