Jennifer Cotto burglarized a dead man’s home, used his bank cards on a shopping spree

Robert Taylor, Jr., was found dead at his Rosebank Ave home in East Nashville on May 27th. His friend & employer noticed that days after his death, someone was using his bank cards. Detectives reviewed security footage from the home and found that 29-year-old Jennifer Cotto used a pry bar to enter the deceased man’s home, and she was also seen on footage from a local Walgreens using one of his cards. During an interview, she admitted to breaking into the home and stealing his cards to make purchases with.

Teen charged in assault of juvenile sister inside vehicle — Gracie Fuller, arrested

18-year-old Gracie Fuller is charged with the domestic assault of her juvenile sister inside of a vehicle. Police were called to the vehicle Saturday afternoon and found Gracie in the driver’s seat and her sister in the passenger seat. Both agreed that Gracie pulled the victim’s hair and struck her on the head with the keys to the car during an argument, leaving a visible injury that was documented by police. Gracie says the victim grabbed her arm first, resulting in her assault of the victim.