Man avoids #KnockAndTalk, gets caught sneaking out when MNPD circles back

35-year-old Brandon Scott Alexander successfully avoided Metro Police Wednesday when they conducted a ‘knock-and-talk’ at his front door, citing a ‘narcotics complaint’. They left, he tried to sneak out, they circled back, and now he’s jailed in lieu of a $77,500 bond.

“24 Grams of Weed in my Bra Isn’t Mine” – Jessica Brown Felony Drug Arrest, Shelby Ave.

When Jessica Brown was being arrested for felony drug possession early Saturday morning near Shelby/6th, she had one thing to say – the 24 grams of marijuana found in her bra wasn’t hers! Per a MNPD Affidavit, Jessica Brown was a passenger in a 2008 Hyundai Sonata, with Antoine Lamonte Wiseman driving. On Shelby Ave, near 6th, MNPD initiated a traffic stop due to improper display of registration. Officers report a probably cause search was conducted due to the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The search yielded 2 grams…