Woman charged with aggravated assault of baby’s father after police determined she lied — Miracle Nicole Beach

22-year-old Miracle Nicole Beach was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail after they determined she wasn’t being truthful and was actually the one that assaulted the father of her child, not the other way around, as she initially claimed. Police initially met with the victim, and father of her child, DeAngelo Talley, who told them the two former lovers had gotten into an argument about him “grabbing his belongings from the apartment”. He told police that nothing else happened and he “didn’t want to put the mother of his child in any type of trouble”.

Miracle spoke to an officer and says the argument was about her putting DeAngelo on the couch, demanding him sleep either there or on the floor, an arrangement was not agreeable to. She admits she then came up into his face during the argument, causing him to push her back away from his personal space. Miracle then claimed that he pushed her down onto the ground, causing her to retrieve a butcher knife from the kitchen and hold it at her side, until she laid it down to check on their baby, at which point she says Talley took the knife and threatened to kill her, and she supposedly was on the phone with Tiffany Williamson and Diamond Bell, who allegedly overheard the threat.

In a second interview with Talley, he disclosed that she did, in fact, grab the knife and move toward him with it in a threatening manner. Due to the totality of the circumstances, and police finding the knife in the bedroom where she was at, after she claimed Tally left the apartment with it, Police determined Miracle was not being truthful and took her into custody, charging her with felony domestic aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. DeAngelo’s brother, DeAndre Talley, is the person who called police about the incident and was present at the scene. Miracle Nicole Beach is free after posting a $5,000 bond.