Whitney McCormick – EN Mother of the Year!

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Maybe she’s joking, maybe she’s not – but who types this stuff and posts it online under their own name? As a mother, I can’t fathom this happening. We only present you with screenshots and commentary, form your own opinions.

We award you ‘EN Mother of the Year’… because who doesn’t hide their marijuana in their child’s trick-or-treating candy bag, right? Despite multiple people warning her that this stuff should not be posted, and getting responses from her such as “Hey, thanks” & “Who cares? It comes from the earth, maaan” and even “Way healthier than all the tootsie rolls he got…” she left the post up for over an hour before her (or an admin?) eventually removed it.




Apparently this isn’t the only great parenting idea she has.. this tip is from her Instagram account:


Here Facebook account isn’t very private either, full of tales of hangover woes, and bribing a child with candy so she can crash on the couch all day and nurse her hangover.


Either way, we pass no judgement, we do however, bestow her with our ‘EN Mother of the Year’ award.

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