[UPDATED] Now SIX Roofied at Red Door Saloon East Nashville?

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4 Females, 2 Males. At least there is not discrimination in the alleged roofied incidents at this East Nashville dive. And these are just the most recent in discussion. Just ask Cosby, when 1 speaks out, 50 more usually follow.
[Above Photo Credit: Yelp.com review of Red Door Saloon East]

There’s been some recent chatter about all the goings-on at the Red Door East, here in Five Points. More specifically, all the alleged ‘roofie’ incidents. The most recent of which may have happened last night, just after midnight. Its reported that last night a girl was at Red Door East, where she had a drink that she believes was ‘roofied’ – a little while later, it is reported that she jumped into a strange man’s vehicle, her back covered in dirt, and “out of her head” disoriented. He had noticed her walking, stumbling down a fairly busy street near the bar, pulled near to ask if she need some help, and she replied “Yes I need you to call someone…”. The MNPD were contacted and are handling the investigation from last night. But we were reminded that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this happening at the Red Door East – and some East Nashville neighbors had the same thoughts, and took to facebook to sound off.

While some sounded off that they or friends had been roofied at the Basement and FooBar, the vast majority were reported to be at Red Door East. A total of 4 others were reported in the recent past at Red Door East, just from this one conversation, 2 male, 2 female.








UPDATE: After seeing our post, yet another has come forward as being roofied at the Red Door Saloon East, bringing the number to a LEAST 6:

now 6 roofied

Of course, the matchbooks at Red Door Saloon East have always been fun, too – here’s some recent examples of matchbooks received while at the bar:




Certainly, the Red Door East hasn’t been without controversy, from horrible Yelp reviews, to denying service dogs entrance to the bar, but if true, these allegations certainly won’t help the reputation of the bar.

red door deny service dog ADA

red door east button up

red door east rude

Coincidence? Just neighbors talking things up? Either way, the number of allegations is very unusual. Have you had any incidents at the Red Door East or other East Nashville dives? Let us know in the comments!

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One Thought to “[UPDATED] Now SIX Roofied at Red Door Saloon East Nashville?”

  1. Kyne Marshall

    I’m a regular at Red Door East (weekends) and am a heavy drinker. Last Saturday night (1/9/16) after only having 3 drinks and a shot, I was feeling way too drunk to continue and asked my girlfriend if we could leave. Very VERY unusual for me. We had discussions about it and considered the roofie thing, which I thought was absurd, still, it was strange. We had discussed it with other friends who were there that night, and most just shrugged it off. There were a lot of “non regulars” there that night, with one friend commenting as I walked in “this is a bad crowd, you’re not going to like it”. Seeing this article show on my feed today has given me a little relief, and a lot of concern.

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