Neighborhood Watch: Charles Chesney Caught in the Act?

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One of our neighbors just posted a video of a theft that took place from his vehicle overnight – and as soon as I watched it I passed my phone around the table here at happy hour to those with me, and the funniest thing happened – the same thing came out of all of our mouths at almost the same times… it was a triple “Charles Chesney!” In case you missed it, we’ve covered Charles Chesney in the past.

Now we’re not saying this IS Charles Chesney, we’d never make such an accusation without proof. We’re only saying that to the three of us ladies, it just so happened that each of us thought of him when we watched the video. Who else steals sunglasses (and hats and change, etc…) from parked cars and brags about it? So, you be the judge. Is this Charles Chesney? It’s certainly his style. and his part of town. and his mode of transportation. and time of night. Charles, is this you?

Here’s the Facebook Post that went along with the video:

ALERT: This happened last night at 14th and Sevier. I am very diligent about locking my doors but last night I didn’t. Makes me wonder how many times my door is checked. Only one pair of sunglasses were taken but other items were left behind.



We’re making no accusations, but there were 2 more thefts in the same area overnight, that scream Chesney, too – especially the flag one – after all, he does wear the flags as capes out in the streets and downtown:



…. and just for your memory, some flags on Charles Chesney:

also, our previous post about his criminal charges






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  1. i wish y’all find somebody else to be internet detectives about.

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