The Dog Spot Shuts Down Social Media Reviews, Posts, & Entire Facebook Page; Baker Twins (DogSpot Owners) Harass Neighbors & Tenants

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The Dog Spot, originally here in East Nashville, and it’s two sister locations – West Nashville & Mt. Julietare in the midst of a social media meltdown. In the past 48 hours, the company has shut down reviews and posts to several of it’s Facebook Pages, and deleted all comments left on current posts and photos, within minutes of them being posted by customers or potential customers. Then this morning, Nashville Exposed began to post photos of Employees of The Dog Spot, starting with the Mt. Juliet Location, doing things other than watching the dogs. They were captured on their cell phones, lying down on dog play spaces, reading, etc..  for 10+ minutes at a time.

Shortly after those were published, the Facebook page for The DogSpot (Mt. Juliet) went dark, shut down so that no one could tag, comment, post, or review. The page was simply unpublished so that no one could access it, to prevent any negative backlash from the Company. Did the United Airlines fiasco not teach companies how to respond better than this?

UPDATE: As of 3PM, The facebook page was brought back online from earlier in the day when it was disabled. Comments continue to be deleted within minutes of being posted, on all of their social media sites for all locations, and twitter complaints are being reported to twitter as abuse. This is typical behavior of the Baker Twins, who own the Dog Spot, as they have a history of calling people who leave complaints to harass them, and even show up at their tenants apartments and put them on youtube when they are a few hours late with their rent. Their history of harassment should be reason enough to not trust them with your dog.

Here’s some of the photos captured this morning, showing employees with phones in their faces, not looking up for 10+ minute periods at a time, lying down on the dog areas, and just general disregard for anything put their phones. Also, below, some video of how the Bakers harass people in the past, showing their character.

from Nashville Exposed:

Here is a video, taken by the Baker Twins, showing them harassing tenants, and putting them on youtube for being a few hours late on rent, and bullying people:

This isn’t the first time, not even the fifth time, that the Baker twins have been in the news for bullying, here’s an old WSMV story:

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  1. William

    This guy’s are scumbags with money. They have “special” relationships with certain female employees.

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