ARREST: ‘Mark Lyle’ Aartun Grabs Boyfriend by Neck, Assaults Him While Screaming “I Love You”; Before Stealing $350 Cash

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Mark Lyle‘ as many know him (Mark Lyle Aartun), is dating, and was engaged to his partner, who is the victim. Last Tuesday, Mark was attention seeking, which he had done many times before (this time by threatening to kill himself) – when his boyfriend got tired of the drama, turned off his phone and went to bed. The next morning,  just after 11AM, Mark showed up at a home that his boyfriend was working at in East Nashville on Tammany Drive, extremely upset that his calls had went unanswered all night long.

At the jobsite of his boyfriend, Mark Lyle Aartun began to throw things around, and eventually grabbed his boyfriend and starting throwing him around, too. In an order to try to calm things down, the boyfriend convinced Mark to get in his car and take a ride to talk things out, away from his place of work. Per the police report, Mark broke the handle to the door in his rage, got in the car, and became even more agitated.

Mark then grabbed his boyfriend by the neck, screaming that he loved him, and would not let go. His boyfriend eventually was able to hit him in the face to effect an escape from the grasp on his neck. At this point, Mark got even more irate, grabbed the boyfriend’s wallet and took $350 in cash from the boyfriend. He then jumped out of the car and fled on foot to a nearby store where he called for a ride and left before police were able to arrive.

He was arrested on the following day, and charged with:

  • Theft $1,000 or less
  • Asl, Dom Bod Inju  

He was given a $5,000 total bond, and will appear in court on 11/20

MNPD Affidavit:

The victim and suspect are in a dating relationship and were engaged to be married. The victim stated that last night (11/07/17) the suspect called him upset and was threatening to kill himself. The suspect has done this in the past in order to get attention from the victim. The victim turned off his phone and did not take any more phone calls from the suspect. This morning (11/08/17) at approximately 1100 hours the suspect shows up to where the victim is working at xxxx Tammany Dr. The victim started that the suspect was made because he had turned off his phone and had not answered his phone calls. During the argument the suspect started throwing things around the job site where the victim was working and eventually grabbed the victim and started throwing him around. The victim convinced the suspect to get in the car and take a ride in order to talk things out. The suspect did get into the car but not before breaking the exterior driver’s side door handle off the vehicle. Once in the car the suspect became more agitated and grabbed the victim by the neck screaming that he (suspect) loved him (victim). The victim stated that there was no loss of consciousness and no obstruction to his airway but the suspect did have him around the neck and would not let go. The victim then hit the suspect in the face so that he would let go. The suspect then got irate and grabbed the victim’s wallet and took 350 dollars cash. The suspect then jumped out of the car and fled on foot to a nearby store where he called for a ride and left prior to officers arrival.

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