ARREST: Nashville Handyman James Hewitt Steals Adderall #CaughtOnCamera

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James Hewitt, who advertises all around Nashville as a ‘Handyman’ was arrested on 01/31/18 when he decided to prowl in a bedroom nightstand a few days prior, when he was supposed to be repairing a shower for a client.

On 1/25/18 James Hewitt was at the victim’s residence to conduct maintenance on the shower in the guest bathroom. The victim was not home at the time maintenance was to be conducted. Hewitt went into the victim’s bedroom and stole medication from the victim’s nightstand. A surveillance camera in the victim’s bedroom sent the victim a motion alert. The victim watched on the surveillance camera as the defendant took medication from her nightstand.

Hewitt then contacted the victim to say that the maintenance work had been completed. When he did, the victim confronted the defendant about stealing her medication. The defendant told the victim that he would put it back and asked her not to contact the police. Detectives reviewed the surveillance footage and confirmed that the theft took place. Detectives positively identified the Hewitt as the suspect. Additionally, on the surveillance footage the defendant identifies himself as James Hewitt. The victim stated that when she returned home she noticed that the defendant did not return all of her medication and that she was still missing 2 generic Adderall (sch. II) pills.

Hewitt was charge with possession and theft, and was given a $2500 bond. He will appear in court on 02/23/18.

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