HUFFING ARREST: Daykoda Martin “Passed out behind the wheel Cuddling a can of compressed air”

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Officers found a passed out Daykoda Martin behind the wheel of his vehicle, covered in urine & vomit, cuddling a can of compressed air.

Just before 3AM Wednesday morning, MNPD officers were dispatched to the Walmart located on N Gallatin Pike for the defendant inhaling compressed air. Upon arriving officers spoke with Walmart security who stated the defendant drove over to the Zaxby’s parking lot. Officers located Daykoda Martin in the vehicle passed out behind the wheel cuddling a can of compressed air with the keys in the ignition.

Upon waking the defendant up he immediately starting inhaling more compressed air. The defendant was heavily intoxicated; he could not stand or attempt field sobriety tasks. The defendant was covered in urine and vomit. The defendant was unable to comprehend or answer basic questions. There were also several other cans of compressed air throughout the vehicle that the defendant possessed for the point of intoxication. The defendant was read his miranda warming and implied consent law. The defendant refused to take a blood test.

Daykoda Martin was arrested for DUI, Toxic Vapors, and Implied Consent violation. He remains in jail on a $3000 bond, and has a review hearing today.

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