Man forces child to drink habanero sauce & beats him with metal pole. Christopher Aschnewitz #Arrested #ChildAbuse

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Nashville man forces child to drink habanero sauce & beats him with metal pole. Christopher Aschnewitz, 39, arrested  for aggravated child abuse.

On Tuesday, MNPD Youth Services detectives responded to Pennington Elementary School in relation to a child abuse allegation, involving a 10 year old victim. The ten year old male victim describes the events of the night before:

On the night before his arrest at around 7 PM, Christopher Aschnewitz forced the child to eat spicy food, even though it was known that the child had prior issues with digesting spicy food. When the child could not eat the spicy food in it’s entirety, Aschnewitz instructed the child to complete push-ups as a punishment for not being able to finish the food.

When the child was unable to perform the push-ups to Aschnewitz’s liking, he made the child to sit-ups. When those were also no to Aschnewitz’s liking, he forced the child to consumed a teaspoon of habanero hot sauce, and told him that if he vomited the hot sauce he would have to eat the vomit, as well.

Aschnewitz told the child the hot sauce would motivate him to complete another series of exercises, and upon of successful completion, he would be allowed to have a drink of water. The child was unable to complete this set of exercises, too, at which time Aschnewitz picked up a 3 foot long aluminum pole, use to snare lobsters. Aschnewitz then struck the child with the pole several times, leaving severe bruising to his buttocks and upper legs. At midnight he allowed the child to go to bed.

Christopher Aschnewitz [Linkedin] is the Owner of A2Z Datacom in Hermitage

Aschnewitz was charged with aggravated child abuse, and made his $15,000 bond via Grumpy’s. He will appear in court on 04/03/2018.

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