Michael Shawn Owens #Arrested: Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, 300+ Items

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Michael Shawn Owens was arrested at his home on Wednesday, after detectives found over 300 sexual images of minor children in his One Drive account.

On 03/28/18, Michael Shawn Owens, 32, was interviewed at his Woodshire Drive residence in Goodlettsville. He was informed that he was not under arrest, and did not have to speak to the detective. He agreed to the interview, and admitted to using his gmail address to upload sexual images of minor children to his Microsoft One Drive account. Detective Adkins reviewed the content of the One Drive account, and found over 300 sexual images of minor children. Owens admitted to uploading the images into the account over the span of the past two years.

Michael Shawn Owens is charged with Felony Sexual Exploitation of a Minor – over 100 items. He is currently held on a $50,000 bail, and will have a review hearing on 04/03/18.

We were able to located at least 4 Facebook accounts belonging to Owens, some of which were members of groups dedicated to sharing sexual images of minors, including this one:

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