Andrea Maples scratched $1,140 in lottery tickets during her Tiger Market shift #Arrested #BoosterClub

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Do all stories lead back to the booster club? Are there that many boosters in Nashville or do the #BoosterClub members just have a monopoly on getting arrested the most often? On Wednesday, Andrea Maples was working her cashier shift at the Exxon Tiger Market on Hillsboro Pk. Somehow she either wasn’t aware, or didn’t care, that security cameras exist in convenience stores – especially on the cash counter area.

Over the course of her Wednesday 04/11/18 shift, security cameras recorded her taking a total of $1,140.00 in Tennessee lottery tickets from behind the register and scratch them off during her shift, and offering no payment in return.

Andrea Maples was arrested for felony theft, and given a $4,000 bond – BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!

As luck would have it (or not, if your name is Andrea Maples), she had and outstanding warrant for her role in a #Boosterclub theft from February 4th. The warrant is also for felony theft, and carried a $3,500 bond. During that theft, Maples, Lawanda Givans, and one more person went to Burlington on Sawyer Brown Road, loaded $1,181.52 in shopping bags, and fled the store without paying. They fled in a black Ford Fusion.

Also, on February 4th, Andrea Maples posted this image of her on Snapchat, of herself, in Burlington:

In addition, there are several other pending charges for Maples in multiple surrounding counties for similar incidents.  Below, Andrea Maples is seen in a fight a few months ago, courtesy Vic DaMone Junior:

Although Maples has posted bond for Davidson County, she is held awaiting transfer to other counties which have holds on her for outstanding warrants.


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