Brent Leach “clinging to and kissing a tree” Easter Morning #Arrested #PublicIntox

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On Easter Sunday at 5:05 AM, MNPD was dispatched to a Lakeshore Drive address in response to a man walking around talking with no one around. When officers arrived they located Brent Leach, who matched the caller’s description of the individual. Brent Leach was found in the rear of the building, appearing to be making out with a tree. Per the MNPD officer, he was clinging to, and kissing, the tree.

He was found to be uneasy on this feet, with slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol. He didn’t have his phone, or keys to get into the building, only a love for the tree. MNPD attempted to contact his mother, but got no response. Since he was unable to care for himself, he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

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Brent Leach was already out on bond for previous charges from March 3rd, 2018, including public intox, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. During that incident on 03/03/18, MNPD was dispatched to the Waffle House on Lebanon Pk, as Leach refused to leave the location after he was yelling and disrupting customers at that location. He teased offers with his identification, but refused to hand it to them, and yelled that he did not want to leave the Waffle House, and refused to comply with his arrest. He will appear in court for those charges on 05/17.

These recent incidents aren’t nearly the first of Brent Leach‘s public intoxication arrests. In April of 2017 he was arrested due to his level of intoxication at Play Dance Bar, and the previous December, he was arrested again for public intox outside of Canvas Bar after refusing offers for a cab, and demanded to drive his own vehicle home.

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